Kiran Sharma

She is a professional lawyer with more than 21 years hands on experience in handling Property related documents (Real Estate). Besides being very methodical, she is exceptionally well organised with track record that demonstrates self-motivation & creativity. She is a proactive planner with abilities in devising effective strategies in augmenting Legal remedies for business excellence.

She is a skilled communicator with an analytical bent of mind coupled with zeal to utilise and enhance ideas, knowledge and skills. Kiran Sharma has worked with Real Estate Departments of both MNC Banks and Indian Banks and has an in depth knowledge of the legal issues and their effective and timely resolutions.


Kiran has worked with the best talent in the Real Estate industry and has a strong network of Lawyers and Law firms, Pan India. In her vast experience, she has handled critical documentations in terms of Commercial Banking branches, ATMS and high value Residential leases. She has an eye for detail and effective communication skills which connects people easily with her.